Jenna Kutcher – Portraits

July 27, 2020

While I’ve been focusing on photographing couples and weddings the past few years, I still absolutely adore shooting portraits, lifestyle content & everything in between.

When I got the chance to photograph my sweet friend Jenna, I was so excited! I had been following her and listening to her podcast for years before we actually met! She truly has been such huge inspiration in my photography business. When I first started mine, I had no idea what all actually went into running one. I look back and a so grateful for everything I’ve learned over the years. I’m now just as passionate about the business side of things/entrepreneurship & education as I am for photography.

Anyways, we both happened to be on Maui at the same time and decided to meet up to shoot some content for her website. We drove to the cutest little hidden spots and ended off at one of my all time favorite coffee shops! Not only, did we have such a fun time shooting, but I just loved chatting and hearing her story. Jenna truly is so sweet and is just as amazing in person as she is online.

Thank you Jenna for being such an amazing educator! If you wanna listen to her podcast, I highly recommend it!

IG: Jennakutcher

Podcast: The Goal Digger Podcast

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