Mid Day Beach Hang – Ashley & Brennan

March 28, 2020

I messaged Ashley on Instagram to see if she and her man wanted to do a shoot with me while on Kauai. It’s so crazy because Ashley didn’t end up seeing my message until they were on their way to the airport. We we’re so bummed, but right after, she called me up and said that their flight had gotten delayed! They had several hours left on Kauai, and I had the whole day off, so we decided to meet up right in the middle of the day and do a last min shoot at the beach (yes, harsh light all the way, but I love it). 

We had so much fun splashing around and just hanging out! I’m so happy we were able to shoot together. Haha, I guess sometimes flight delays aren’t so bad after all. 

Also, if you’re a photographer, don’t be afraid to shoot in harsh light! It actually can be so cute if you position your couple in the right direction.

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